Parenting: Car Seat Recommendation Changes in 2014

A booster is a safe choice for a typical 8 year old. Remember It's just It's a recommendation and a guide line but every child is different they do not use just a age and weight because the child needs to meet height requirement of 4'9 inches also can the child meet the following

• Does he sit all the way back against the car's seat?
• Do his knees bend comfortably at the edge of the seat?
• Does the lap belt naturally rest below his belly, touching the top of his thighs?
• Is the shoulder belt centered across his shoulder and chest?
• Can he stay seated like this for the whole trip?
The safest is a 5 point harness but when your child out grows there forward facing car seat with height and weight you move up to a booster seat.

It takes a lot to change for Safe Kids. The latch system which are anchors that you hook the carseat to are a whole separate system than the seatbelt. the weight limit is on the latch anchors, not the seatbelt.

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