If a driver in front stops suddenly and a collision occurs it is the "fault" of _____.

Question: If a driver in front stops suddenly and a collision occurs it is the "fault" of _____.
A.) the driver ahead
B.) the driver behind
C.) the traffic signs in the area
D.) both drivers

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the driver behind
Question: There are usually __________ collisions in a motor vehicle crash.
During a crash as how many as collision can occur
During a crash, as many as ___________ collisions can occur.
A: six
B: four
C: five
D: three

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three During a vehicle crash, as many as three collisions can occur. The first collision occurs when the vehicle strikes an object, strike unbelted occupant collides with the interior of the vehicle - or worse, is ejected and strikes an object outside the vehicle, organs are thrust against the body's skeletal system.
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