DONE - Awesome idea for a traffic light

Probably not. It's illegal in the US to have a vehicular countdown for the green light, and there are further regulations for countdowns, flashes, augmentations, and other seemingly good ideas that have turned out to be either dangerous or not effective.

In California, and they typically put sensors in the ground. The sensors would only detect traffic moving against the most popular directions. So if the majority of vehicles were going north and south, those lanes would remain green until someone wished to go East or West. Once the lane sensors detected an incoming motorist, the North/South light would turn yellow, and then allow them to go. Once they no longer had any cars, it would default back to the major lanes.

In Austin Texas, and since an intersection near a freeway typically has 8 points of contact due to how shitty the system is, you have to run everything on a timer.

In Arizona, we have timers on our lights for pedestrians. and puts a 3-4 second delay between my light turning red and the cross traffic turning green so there is not a whole lot of risk of hitting someone running a light. It happens a lot here so I know why they put that delay, but it seemed to help a lot by not letting the cross traffic go immediately after the light turns red. Apparently not everywhere in AZ. Thankfully a lot of the major intersections in Phoenix are transitioning to the countdown