Defensive Driving test questions and answers - 2021

Question: The number one cause of job-related deaths is:
A. Inhaling poisonous vapors
B. Falls from height
C. Vehicle collisions
D. Unguarded machines

ANSWER: Vehicle collisions

Question: A solid yellow line and a broken yellow line painted on the center of a two-lane highway mean passing is:
a. Not allowed in either direction.
b. Allowed only when the broken line is on your side.
c. Allowed only when the solid line is on your side.
d. Allowed in either direction.

ANSWER: Allowed only when the broken line is on your side.
HINT: If the broken yellow line is on your side, it means you may pass

Question: In fog, you should use only high-beam headlights.

Question: All of these are defensive driving techniques, except:
A. Checking your rear view mirror as you use your brakes.
B. Carrying a first aid supply kit in your vehicle.
C. Scanning ahead.
D. Giving yourself an “out”

ANSWER: Carrying a first aid supply kit in your vehicle.
HINT: Carrying a first aid supply kit in your vehicle is something you will need or use when you are not driving. A first aid supply kit does not assist you in driving defensively.

Question: When driving in snow and ice, do not apply the squeeze technique if your vehicle has anti-lock brakes.

Question: Defensive driving is:
A. Driving to save lives, time and money
B. Driving slowly
C. The ability to recognize hazards and respond accordingly
D. Both A and C

ANSWER: Both A and C

Question: In drive wheel skids, keep your foot off the accelerator but step on the brake.

Question: Keep an emergency kit in the vehicle containing items such as a bag of salt, sand, or kitty litter.

Question: Which of the following contribute to distractive driving?
A. Drinking, eating and using turn signals when needed
B. Scanning the road and using turn signals when needed
C. Grooming, scanning the road and reading a road map
D. A and c

ANSWER: A and c

Question: When your vehicle hydroplanes, the tires deflect water and allow better traction with the road.

Question: The best way to prevent drowsy driving is getting enough sleep.

Question: Wearing a seatbelt increases your chances of surviving a collision by:
A. Preventing ejection from the vehicle
B. Keeping occupants from flying around inside the vehicle
C. Keeping the driver in the driver's seat where he or she has better control
D. All of the above

ANSWER: All of the above

Question: When it comes to speeding, every 10 mile-per-hour increase in speed doubles your risk of death in the event of a crash

Question: A diagonal slash within a red circle on a sign means:
a. Two roads intersect ahead
b. A hazard is ahead
c. The action is not allowed
d. Diagonal crossing is permitted at the intersection

ANSWER: The action is not allowed
HINT: Red is a special color in driving laws. In this case it means this action is “not allowed,” or prohibited. Example: no right turn, no U-turn, etc.

Question: When facing a head-on collision, you should always steer your vehicle to the right

Question: You are as much as three times more likely to be in an accident if you are texting, reaching for a phone or dialing while driving

Question: How much distance should you maintain between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you?
A. One second of following distance
B. Two seconds of following distance
C. Three seconds of following distance

ANSWER: Three seconds of following distance

Question: A hands-free system is a safe way to use your cell phone while driving.

Question: When driving at night, compensate for your reduced vision by slowing down and leaving at least 30 feet between you and the vehicle ahead.

Question: When passing another vehicle, when is it safe to pull back into your lane?
A. When you think there is an adequate "cushion" of space.
B. When you can look in the rearview mirror and see pavement in front of the other car's tires.
C. When the car flashes its headlights at you.
D. None of the above.

ANSWER: When you can look in the rearview mirror and see pavement in front of the other car's tires.

Question: A breakdown basic is to turn on your hazard warning lights and interior lights.

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