DONE - Drivers Ed Test Answers ★ Module 10 unit 10 Lesson 1, 2, 3, 4

Lesson 1: Alcohol, Lesson 2: Drugs, Lesson 3: Avoiding Driving While Intoxicated, Lesson 4: Avoiding the Intoxicated Driver: Module 10 unit 10 Drivers Ed Question and Answers

Question: Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is defined as the ration of alcohol in the system to ____________ in the system.
ANS: Blood

Question: Which of these drinks contain the most alcohol?
ANS: They all contain equal amounts of alcohol

Question: Alcohol is a ___________.
ANS: Depressant

Question: Despite of what you have heard, the only way to sober up is:
ANS: Time

Question: As soon as alcohol and other toxins are absorbed into the body, the _____ begins eliminating them as alcohol cannot be stored in tissue.
ANS: Liver

Question: Drivers often fail to realize that many drugs as prescribed by their doctor have warning labels attached noting alcohol consumption with the drug could be very dangerous and warning not to operate a motor vehicle.
ANS: True

Question: Synergism is what happens when you combine the intake of ___________ at the same time.
ANS: two or more drugs

Question: The second most common drug to cause vehicle collisions is:
ANS: Marijuana

Question: ____________ heighten a person's senses by arousing the central nervous system.
ANS: Stimulants

Question: If convicted of possession, selling, or manufacturing illegal drugs, your driving privilege will be suspended for __________.
ANS: 6 months

Question: Many eating and drinking establishments participate in a designated driver program and provide the designated driver with complimentary nonalcoholic drinks. However, you must meet certain criteria before you receive this benefit:
To participate in a designated driver program and be provided with complimentary nonalcoholic drinks you must meet certain criteria, which are:
A: Be at least 21 years old
B: be part of a group of two or more
C:. identify yourself as the designated driver
D: All of the answers
ANS: All of the answers

Question: To control the effect of alcohol you could:
A: have water in between alcoholic beverages
B: spread your drinks out over the course of a night
C:. drink only what you can handle
D: All of the answers
ANS: All of the answers

Question: There are many ways to consume alcohol and not get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. You could:
There are many ways to consume alcohol and not get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. you would
A: take a taxi
B: abstain from drinking alcohol
C:. drink at a friends place and stay the night
D: All of the answers
ANS: All of the answers

Question: Having a designated drunk driver when you plan to drink is a great way to drink and get home safely.
ANS: False

Question: Every group should have a designated driver.
ANS: True

Question: There are some visual clues that the defensive driver can spot that will help avoid the impaired driver. An impaired driver might be exhibiting:
ANS: All of the above

Question: The highest incidence of DUI starts in the late afternoon and continues to the early hours of the morning. Between __ pm and __ am is the peak for DUI.
ANS: 10; 3

Question: If you are convicted of DUI you could expect to pay $8,000 in associated costs. This could include: Towing - $150, Lawyer - $3500, Fine - $1,000, DUI School - $200 to $300, Insurance - $1500, Lost Wages - $1000, Court Costs - $450, Substance Abuse Evaluation - $75, Treatment - $400, License Reinstatement - $155, and Cost Recovery - $350.
ANS: $8,000

Question: If you operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated, you could kill yourself or an innocent bystander.
ANS: True

Question: When you see a driver displaying the typical behavior of an intoxicated driver, put as much distance as possible between your vehicle and the suspected intoxicated driver.
ANS: True

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