DONE - Drivers Ed Test Answers ★ Module 11 unit 11 Lesson 1, 2

Lesson 1: Sharing The Road With Motorcycles, Lesson 2: Riding A Motorcycle: Module 11 unit 11 Drivers Ed Question and Answers

Question: Drivers should allow at least a ___ second following distance for motorcycles.
ANS: Four

Question: When passing, give ______ and ______ riders the room they deserve and need for safety.
both a and b

ANS: Both A and B

Question: In California, it is illegal for motorcycles to split lanes, and it is dangerous.
ANS: False

Question: Legally, a bicyclist has all the rights and duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle.
ANS: True

Question: Road conditions that may not pose a threat for passenger vehicles can be dangerous hazards for motorcyclists.
ANS: True

Question: Wearing a ______ that meets the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is required by law.
ANS: Helmet

Question: Riding with their _______ on at all times and avoid riding in vehicle's blind spots will help motorcyclists to be seen.
ANS: Headlight

Question: To make cornering easier and safer, the passenger should lean with the motorcycle operator when cornering.
ANS: True

Question: Before riding a motorcycle, it is very important to do a _____________.
ANS: pre-ride inspection

Question: Motorcycle riders should be aware of safe lane positioning and ideally be in the ______ portion of the lane.
ANS: Left-lane

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