DONE - Drivers Ed Test Answers ★ Module 2 unit 2 Lesson 1, 2

Lesson 1: The Physiological Nature Of The Driver, Lesson 2: The Psychological Nature Of The Driver: Module 2 unit 2 Drivers Ed Question and Answers

Question: SIPDE is the acronym for the words:
ANS: Search, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute

Question: _______ vision is the vision that identifies specific objects.
ANS: Focal

Question: The following disqualifying conditions may prevent you from becoming a licensed driver except:
ANS: Missing a finger

Question: To compensate for a hearing impairment you could the following except:
ANS: Ignore it

Question: An illness can slow down your ability to transmit information from the driving environment and to take the appropriate safe actions as needed.

Question: According to CA law _________ are forbidden from using a cellular phone including hands-free devices while driving.
ANS: drivers under the age of 18

Question: Undesirable traits that a person should avoid when driving are
all of the above
ANS: all of the above

Question: Aggressive driving is the use of a vehicle as a weapon of in a manner to physically assault a driver or their vehicle while on the roadway

Question: Speeding peeling out or weaving through traffic are all examples of
ANS: exhibitionism

Question: As the driver it is not your responsibility that you are focused on the driving task with any possible distractions minimized