DONE - Drivers Ed Test Answers ★ Module 5 unit 5 Lesson 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5, 6

Lesson 1: Licensing, Registration And The California Vehicle Code, Lesson 2: automobile ownership and registration, Lesson 3: practice activity crime scene, Lesson 6: signal system, Lesson 5: Civil Liability And Financial Responsibility, Lesson 6: Criminal Offenses: Module 5 unit 5 Drivers Ed Question and Answers

Question: A temporary license permits the holder to drive for up to ____ days while the application is reviewed.
ANS: 60

Question: The duration of a Junior Permit is for the period indicated on the original application but in all situations a junior permit will not be valid after the applicant's __________.
ANS: 18th Birthday

Question: Renewing your driver license must be done no later than ____ days after it expires to avoid having to pay the free associated with an original license.
ANS: 90

Question: Non-residents 18 year or older who don't require a driver license in their home country or state may operate a foreign vehicle they own for own for no longer than 30 days without having to apply for a license.

Question: A student under the age of 15 who is taking driver training either in a secondary school or private training facility can apply for a student license.

Question: All vehicles on public roadways and parking facilities must have a current registration.

Question: If you move from the address that your vehicle is registered to, you must notify the DMV of the changes within ____ days.
If you change the motor in your vehicle you need to notify the DMV within ____ days of this change.
ANS: 10

Question: When two license plates are issued they need to be attached to the _________ of the vehicle they were issued for.
ANS: Front and rear bumpers

Question: The original or copy of a vehicle's registration must be kept at home unless the registration is being renewed or transferred.

Question: Any driver involved in an accident causing injury or death must stop at the scene of the accident.

Question: When you intend to turn left or right you must activate the appropriate turn signal during the last ____ feet before turning.
ANS: 100

Question: In all circumstances a bicyclist must obey the same traffic signals as vehicle drivers.

Question: Vehicles parked on the side of the roadway must have their wheels parallel with the curb and within ____ inches of the right-hand curb.
ANS: 18

Question: Unless otherwise posted it is illegal to travel faster than ___ miles per hour on a highway or ___ miles per hour on a two lane undivided highway?
ANS: 65; 55

Question: stickers, signs, or other materials can be attached to the front windscreen in the lowest corner, furthest from the driver, within a 5 inch square or within a 7 inch square, in the lowest corner on the driver's side of the windscreen.

Question: a turn signal system shall project either a _____ or _____ flashing light at the front of a vehicle.
ANS: white; amber

Question: Every motor vehicle registered in a foreign jurisdiction and every motorcycle register in this state must be equipped with a mirror located so that the driver is able to view the roadway ___ feet to the rear of the vehicle.
ANS: 200

Question: lamp-type turn signals during normal day and night times must be visible from a distance of ___ feet from the front and rear
ANS: 300

Question: no person shall operate a motor vehicle unless the driver and all occupants over the age of 16 are all restrained by a seatbelt.

Question: The minimum insurance required is _______ for personal injury or death to any one person, _______ for death or injury to more than one person, and _______ for property damage.
ANS: $15,000; $30,000; $5,000

Question: The liability of a minor for any damage occurred from negligent or wrongful act, whether licensed or not, is imposed upon ________.
ANS: Parents or guardians

Question: If a driver of a motor vehicle is involved in a collision while operating a motor vehicle on a highway or street which resulted in damage in excess of $____,or injury or death, he/she must report it to the Dmv within 10 days.
ANS: $750

Question: A "reportable off-highway accident" includes all of the following except:
ANS: Property damage to only the driver's property

Question: If involved in a crash while driving a vehicle owned, leased, or operated by the employer, the driver must let the employer know of the crash within ____ days on an employer approved from.
ANS: 5

Question: In California there are ______ forms of financial responsibility.
ANS: Four

Question: The responsibility for damages that occur in an accident when someone else is driving your vehicle, and they have your permission, falls with the owner of the vehicle.

Question: A _________ one with a company licensed in California is one of the four types of Financial Responsibility.
ANS: $35,000

Question: Not having insurance in the event of an accident may mean you lose your license for up to ___ years.
ANS: 4

Question: Bodily Injury and Personal Property are two important aspects included with __________ coverage.
ANS: Liability

Question: The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury or death must stop immediately at the accident scene

Question: the driver of a vehicle responsible for causing an accident shall receive _____ points on their driving record.
ANS: one

Question: each conviction a person between 13 and 21 years of age receives for controlled substance or alcohol related offenses the courts will suspend the driving privilege for _-_____
ANS: one year

Question: the DMV will immediately revoke the driving privilege when a certified abstract of a record, the judge of a juvenile court, or a juvenile hearing officer shows that a person was driving in excess of 100 miles per hour.

Question: courts may suspend a driving privilege for no more than 6 months when a conviction for what offenses is received?
failure to stop a vehicle at a railroad crossing
evading a peace officer
reckless driving causing a bodily injury

all of the above
ANS: all of the above

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