DONE - Drivers Ed Test Answers ★ Module 6 unit 6 Lesson 1, 2, 3, 4

Lesson 1: Faulty Driver Performance, Lesson 2: Accident Avoidance And Prevention, Lesson 3: Procedures When Involved In An Accident, Lesson 4: Financial Responsibility Requirements: Module 6 unit 6 Drivers Ed Question and Answers

Question: When trying to recover from a ____, do not brake and keep your eyes in the direction you want to go and you will automatically steer there.
ANS: Skid

Question: Characteristics of fatigue related crashes include the following except:
ANS: well rested person who takes regular breaks on long trips

Question: When you are driving in fog it is very important to:
ANS: focus directly on the road in front of your vehicle
turn on your low beams and reduce speed

Question: Your headlights are required to be on _____ minutes after sunset and ______ minutes before sunrise or whenever your visibility is reduced below 1000ft.
ANS: 30

Question: At "T" intersections, those vehicles on the through road must yield the right of way.
ANS: false

Question: In an immediate risk driving environment you should maintain at least a ____ second search in front of the vehicle and an effective space cushion
ANS: 12

Question: Defensive driving entails that you assume other drivers will follow all the rules of the road and are as alert as you
ANS: false

Question: How much of a following distance should you allow between you and the vehicle in front of you when it is raining heavily
ANS: 3 seconds

Question: A vehicle can hydroplane in speeds as low as ______ mph
ANS: 35

Question: Total stopping distance consists of the following, except:
ANS: Brake system type

Question: You must submit a report to the DMV within 15 days of a traffic accident on a traffic accident report form
ANS: false

Question: If you hit a parked vehicle or other property and you are unable to locate the owner you must leave a note attached and secured to the property with your information. then, notify the police.
ANS: true

Question: If you hit or kill an animal on the roadway you should
ANS: pull off the road, stop, and try to locate the owner

Question: If you do not stop at the scene of an accident where property damage or injuries resulted you can be convicted of "hit and run"
ANS: true

Question: When you have an accident, you are not required by law to assist anyone involved in the accident
ANS: false

Question: In CA, there are ______ forms of financial responsibility
ANS: four

Question: The responsibility for damages that occur in an accident when someone else is driving your vehicle and they have your permission falls with the owner of the vehicle
ANS: true

Question: A ______ bond with a company licensed in CA is one of the four types of Financial Responsibility
ANS: 35,000

Question: Not having insurance in the event of an accident could mean you lose your license for up to ___ years
ANS: four

Question: Bodily injury and personal property are two important aspects included with _________ coverage
ANS: liability

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