DONE - Drivers Ed Test Answers ★ Module 8 unit 8 Lesson 1, 2, 3, 4

Lesson 1: Construction Of The Automobile, Lesson 2: Safety Equipment, Lesson 3: Maintenance Of The Automobile, Lesson 4: Economical and Safe Use of The Automobile: Module 8 unit 8 Drivers Ed Question and Answers

Question: Drum brakes automatically pump the brakes if wheel lock is imminent so long as the motorist continues to fully depress the brake pedal.

Question: The two types of vehicle braking systems are:
ANS: Drum and disc brakes

Question: The ___ system of a vehicle is made up of rods, springs, and bars.
ANS: Suspension

Question: Upon turning the key, power from the battery is used to activate the ___.
ANS: Starter motor

Question: The ___ system removes and reduces heat caused by friction between the moving engine parts and the explosion of fuel in the cylinders.
ANS: Cooling

Question: ___ the tires on your vehicle involves moving the tires to different corners of the vehicle and, by doing this, you will increase the life of them.
ANS: Rotating

Question: You should never use high beam lights when it is:
All of the answers
ANS: All of the answers

Question: Turn signals should be used:
ANS: Any time a turn is to be made

Question: The back seat is the safest place for all children under ___ years of age
ANS: 12

Question: Mirrors must provide a view to the rear of the vehicle for a minimum of ___ feet.
ANS: 200

Question: Always check tire pressure when:
ANS: Tires are cold

Question: A vast majority of brake light and turn signal systems are equipped with:
ANS: Replaceable incandescent bulbs

Question: A vehicles brake system should be inspected ____ a year as part of maintaining the brake system.
ANS: Twice

Question: Scanning the roadway and anticipating when you will need to stop is a great way to reduce gas usage and excessive wear on brakes and tires.

Question: A wheel alignment should be done:
ANS: Whenever new tires are put on and every 8,000 miles

Question: Dashboard warning devices provide the motorist with important information about the vehicle that is not readily visible when the vehicle is in motion.

Question: If two vehicles are traveling to the same destination, the vehicle driving faster will ___ gas than a vehicle traveling at the speed limit.
ANS: Use more

Question: A simple, safe and easy way to reduce the cost of running your vehicle is:
ANS: void the fast starts and stops

Question: High speeds require the tires and vehicle to work harder to maintain traction with the road surface. The impact on tires when cornering at high speeds causes excessive wear and is dangerous.

Question: Before you go out and buy a new car it is very important to consider the ___.
ANS: Overall operational costs of owning a vehicle