DONE - Drivers Ed Test Answers ★ Module 9 unit 9 Lesson 1, 2, 3

Lesson 1: Pedestrian Safety - As A Pedestrian, Lesson 2: Pedestrian Safety - As A Driver, Lesson 3: Avoiding Collisions With Animals: Module 9 unit 9 Drivers Ed Question and Answers

Question: Crossing the roadway at any other place than a crosswalk is:
ANS: Jaywalking

Question: Pedestrian safety is very important as ___ in six traffic fatalities are pedestrians.
ANS: One

Question: The leading cause of death for those aged between 8 and 14 is:
ANS: Pedestrian and bicycle accidents

Question: Unless there is a 15-foot sidewalk and a boardwalk permitting pedestrians access, pedestrians are not permitted to talk on a toll bridge, highway crossing or tunnel.

Question: When there are no sidewalks, pedestrians should walk on the side of the road ___ traffic.
ANS: facing ongoing

Question: Some crosswalks are not marked at intersections, but can still be used unless there are signs prohibiting pedestrians from crossing.

Question: ____ distract pedestrians by shifting their focus from the roadway.
ANS: Headphones

Question: If you are turning, do not enter a bike lane unless you are within ___ feet of the turn or driveway.
ANS: ANS: 200

Question: The law only states when the right-of-way must be yielded. On no occasion does the law grant or provide the right-of-way.

Question: If you intend to reverse your vehicle, check around it before you get in for any obstructions that may prevent this maneuver.

Question: Finish this sentence: In areas where there is an increased amount of pedestrian activity, it is important to:
ANS: adjust your speed to the posted speed limit and increase scanning.

Question: Regardless of who is right, pedestrians must be yielded the right-of-way.

Question: People riding horses are not allowed to use most public roads.

Question: If you do see an animal close to the roadway, __________ so that you do not have to make a sudden avoidance maneuver.
ANS: Slow down

Question: Having a collision with a larger animal could result in serious injuries to the vehicle's occupants and damage to your vehicle, but could be the safest option as the alternative could involve hitting another vehicle with the result significantly worse.

Question: _____ signs will indicate where animals may be encountered on the roadway. Be prepared for animals on the road when you see these signs.
ANS: Yellow

Question: If you are in the unfortunate event of having a collision with an animal the first thing you should do is:
ANS: Pull over