DONE - Drivers Ed Test Answers ★ Module, Unit 12, 14, 15 Lesson 1, 2

Unit 12 Lesson 1: Youthful Risk-Taking, unit 12 Lesson 2: Risk Perception By Young Drivers, Unit 14 Lesson 1: Inexperience Vs. Immaturity, Unit 15 Lesson 1: Anger Management, Unit 15 Lesson 2: Road Rage - Statistics: Module, Unit 12, 14, 15 Drivers Ed Question and Answers

Question: A teen's willingness to take chances increases when ____ are present.
ANS: Peers

Question: Motorists should be aware that their ability to effectively implement the SIPDE process will be reduced by:
A: driving at excessive speeds
B: driving while physically impaired
C: driving while under stress
D: all of the answers

ANS: All of the answers

Question: Risk is generally defined as exposure to the chance of injury or other loss.

Question: Motorists must make driving decisions that have the ______ risk possible.
ANS: Lowest

Question: As part of the SIPDE defensive driving strategy, a driver must ________ which potential and immediate hazards require action.
ANS: Decide

Question: Frequent risk-taking while driving will eventually have an undesirable outcome, which may result in serious injury or death!

Question: Novice drivers lack the experience necessary to reliably categorize and appropriately respond to ___________ hazards.
ANS: Roadside

Question: Complete risk assessment includes:
A: is the reward received for completing the action worth the risk involved,
B: acceptance of whether the contemplated action should be attempted,
C: assessment of the action while concurrently judging the action from a safety perspective;
D: all of the answers

ANS: All of the answers

Question: Both male and females aged between 16 and 19 years old have the lowest average annual crash and traffic violation rates compared to other age groups.
ANS: Flase

Question: Drivers can reduce the possibility of risky behavior by following ________ specifically related to the safe operation of a motor vehicle.
ANS: Traffic laws

Question: Teenage drivers are responsible for __ times as many car crashes per license holder as drivers 35 64 years old.
D: none of the answers

ANS: None of the answers

Question: Causes of skids include:
A: excessive speed
B: panic brake application
C: sudden steering on a slippery surface
D: all of the answers

ANS: All of the answers

Question: Environmental conditions should be assessed for the risks that they pose to the continued safe operation of a motor vehicle.

Question: A skid that results from rear wheel traction loss is defined as _________.
ANS: Overstear

Question: A motorist should scan the inside rearview mirror and side mirrors at least once every __ seconds to continually ensure that a safety cushion around the vehicle is maintained.
ANS: 5.
Question: To deal with an aggressive driver you should:
A: keep your distance
B: remain calm, maintain proper speed
C: do not respond with gestures
D: All of the answers

ANS: All of the answers

Question: Emotional factors, which are an integral part of an individual's personality and temperament, are the very factors which can make that individual a dangerous driver.

Question: ________ is defined as the operation of a motor vehicle in a selfish, bold, or pushy manner, without regard for the rights or safety of the other users of the streets and highways.
ANS: Aggressive driving

Question: ________ is defined as an assault with a motor vehicle, or other weapon by the operator or passengers of another motor vehicle, and is caused by an incident that occurred on the roadway.
ANS: Road rage

Question: If you feel that you are losing self-control due to the actions of another motorist, you should:
ANS: step back from the situation and take deep breaths

Question: Aggressive driving incidents increased by __% in five years.
ANS: 50

Question: The AAA foundation says the weapon of choice for most women who react aggressively to traffic disputes and traffic stops is the ________.
ANS: Automobile

Question: When the roads are _______ there are more chances for drivers to become aggressive, triggered by mood, traffic, or another driver.
ANS: congested

Question: When the violations of drivers involved in crashes reported by law enforcement is considered, the estimates indicate that __________ is a contributing factor in a high percentage of crashes each year.
ANS: aggressive driving

Question: Both men and women are considered equal offenders of road rage.

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