★ When Driving on Snow, Rain, Fog, Slippery Roads -Defensive Driving, Traffic School, Drivers Ed Test Answers

Ice tends to form in shady areas, as well as:
A.) on railroad crossings
B.) on freeways
C.) on the shoulder of the road
D.) on bridges and overpasses

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on bridges and overpasses

Explanation: Ice tends to form in shady areas, as well as on bridges and overpasses, which, being more exposed to the cold air, tend to freeze before other road areas. Approach these areas with caution.

When driving in snow, you should always put the chains on these tires.
A.) Any tires.
B.) The back tires.
C.) Only if directed to do so by a police officer.
D.) The tires with the drive, i.e., on a rear wheel drive vehicle, they would go in the rear.

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The tires with the drive, i.e., on a rear wheel drive vehicle, they would go in the rear.

Under which condition is it important to drive with your low beams to prevent the lights rays from reflecting back to the driver?
A.) Mountain roads
B.) Dry roads
C.) In Fog
D.) Daytime

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In Fog

If your right wheels go off the right side of the pavement:
A.) Immediately turn sharply to the left
B.) Immediately brake firmly
C.) If the shoulder is much lower than the pavement, immediately turn hard to the left.
D.) None of the above

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None of the above

It is a good idea when you are driving on wet pavement to change lanes quickly.

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Explanation: When you change your speed or direction, do so smoothly and gradually rather than sharply.

If you drive your car into a snow bank, you can free yourself by
A.) turning the wheels sharply
B.) racing the motor
C.) rocking your car
D.) adjusting the shocks
E.) turning the heater to maximum

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rocking your car

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