Chapter Level Quiz Final exam study guide with multiple choice questions on How to drive defensively, traffic signs, signals & markings, road rules & regulations, types of parking, Drug & Alcohol-impaired Driving, traffic infraction points and fines. Vehicle communication skills with other driver on road for safe driving. Vehicle speed limits, car maintenance, performance, car repair, car insurance coverages.

Adult drivers age 18 and over may:

Question: Adult drivers age 18 and over may:
A. Write, send, or read text messages or emails while operating a motor vehicle
B. Dictate, send or listen to text messages or emails using a hands-free device and while operating a motor vehicle
C. Use their hands to enter or select a telephone number or name into the device for the purpose of making or receiving a phone call or activating or deactivating a feature or function on the device
D. Both B and C

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Both B and C
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