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According to national statistics how many auto crashes involve aggressive behaviors?

Question: According to national statistics how many auto crashes involve aggressive behaviors?
A. Over half
B. 10 percent
C. 90 percent

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Over half

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• According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, what percentage of collisions involved a driver that had their mind on something other than the road within 3 seconds before the event?
• According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, what percentage of the population has admitted to falling asleep while driving?
• Sleep deprivation causes an estimated ________________ police-reported collisions per year, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.
• The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that some ________ lives could be saved every year if all vehicle occupants used seatbelts.
• Air bags reduce injury in automobile accidents by:
• The American Automobile Association estimates that the cost for a first-time DUI offense can easily exceed:
• A _______ license is issued to any driver who wishes to operate a basic automobile.
• What is the one safety factor that is beyond the control of automobile designers and manufacturers?
• The US Department of Transportation (DOT) or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates what fraction of crashes can be attributed to aggressive driving?
• Nhtsa estimates that aggressive driving accounts for about ____ of all crashes and about ___ of the resulting fatalities
• Road rage is the end result of increasingly aggressive driving where a driver:
• Which of the following may be signs of aggressive driving?
• What percent of all fatal crashes occur because of aggressive driving.
• According to a poll which attempted to identify the differences in the aggressive driving tendencies between those of the male vs. the female gender,
• What is considered the peak time for aggressive driving?
• What is one thing that you should never do if an aggressive driver follows you?
• Known as "road rage" in California, what are some signs of aggressive driving?
• Aggressive driving behavior, including ____________, is a rapidly increasing problem affecting America's drivers.
• Law enforcement agencies categorize observable aggressive driving behavior as which of the following?
• If raindrops are splashing on the surface of the road or if you are forced to drive through a puddle or standing water, prevent hydroplaning by reducing speed and avoid hard braking and overly aggressive ___________.
• Aggressive drivers__________two to four times more people than alcohol-impaired drivers.
• Law enforcement agencies consider which of the following to be aggressive driving behavior?
• Aggressive driving can be defined as operating a vehicle in a manner that is likely to________.
• Slow moving vehicles on a two-lane highway or road where passing is unsafe should safely pull to the side of the road to let the vehicles pass if followed by 3 vehicles.
• Switch to low beams when oncoming traffic is within ______ for your vehicle.
• Position your vehicle in the __________ of your lane before turning right and move toward the center line when you are about to turn left.
• On an annual basis, animal-vehicle collisions cause about __________ worth of damage.
• 1 Most drivers make __________ driving errors for every 20 decisions they make while driving.
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