★ Traffic School Defensive Driving Test Answers 5

There are two main violations that lead to traffic collisions. They are _____ and _____
These two driving violations are the major reason that traffic accidents occur
ANSWER: speeding and alcohol-impaired driving

The Acronym BAC stands for _____ ________ _______.
ANSWER: Blood Alcohol Concentration

It is ___________ to smoke or ingest Marijuana while driving a motor vehicle in California
ANSWER: illegal

You cannot legally operate a commercial vehicle when your BAC exceeds the Following level?
ANSWER: 0.04% or above

Driving with a minimum _________ or more Blood Alcohol Concentration, for drivers aged 21 or more, is considered illegal in California.

_________________ prevents you from judging distances.
ANSWER: poor vision

Medications and Alcohol have the capacity to ___________ your good judgment.
A.) strengthen
B.) weaken

ANSWER: Weaken

Should medication you use make you dizzy or drowsy, you should avoid
ANSWER: operating a vehicle

______________ is a sign that you are too tired to drive.
ANSWER: continuous yawning

You put yourself at risk of ___________ if you drive for long periods in the sunlight
ANSWER: headaches

Driving is considered to be the following because of what is required of drivers at all times
ANSWER: Strenuous

According to our text, driving can be a quite a _____ activity
ANSWER: stressful

Road Rage is defined as:
ANSWER: an assault with a motor vehicle or other dangerous weapon by the operator or passenger(s) of another motor vehicle by an incident that occurred on a roadway.

In the State of California, Reckless Driving is _____
According to California law, reckless driving falls under this category of offense
ANSWER: a misdemeanor

Road Rage is generally not caused by the following
ANSWER: being early to an event 

These types of drivers are problematic
ANSWER: those who are not careful or alert while driving

The following would be a good example of a misdemeanor
ANSWER: Reckless driving

If convicted of reckless driving, what is the minimum jail sentence
ANSWER: In California, if convicted of reckless driving, you could be sentenced to a minimum jail sentence of 5 days to a maximum of 90 days jail sentence.

Which of the following may NOT cause road or aggressive driving?
ANSWER: being early to an event

Aggressive driving can easily escalate into:
ANSWER: An incident of road rage
EXPLANATION: Aggressive driving can easily escalate into a dangerous confrontation.

This type of incident is more prone to happen during heavy traffic
ANSWER: aggressive driving 

Which of the following most likely will NOT help you keep your emotions in check?
Doing the following may not help you keep your emotions in check
ANSWER: Being in a healthy relationship

Which of the following is NOT considered a distraction while driving?
_______________while driving is not considered a distraction while driving
ANSWER: Checking the speedometer

According to our text, if you can hear your car music from _____ feet away, that means it is too loud.
If your music can be heard from this distance, it is too loud

Which of the following is considered NOT to be a cognitive distraction while driving?
ANSWER: Scanning the toad for hazards

Doing this while driving is not considered to be a distraction to your cognitive motor skill
ANSWER: Scanning the road for hazard

According to our text, looking at a _____ while driving can be as dangerous as _____
ANSWER: navigational device / reading a text message

Taking care of _____ while driving is another big reason why people end up in vehicle collisions.
ANSWER: personal hygiene

You can use your horn _____
ANSWER: to avoid a collision or when passing

According to the text, ________________ is a common cause of collisions.
ANSWER: taking a call on a cell phone

Talking on a cell phone is a major contribution to collisions.

If you must make a call or send a text, you should________________.
ANSWER: pull to the side of the road

A hands free device may be used if it can be activated or deactivate with a ___________?
ANSWER: single tap, swipe, voice command

The horn is a very important component of your vehicle. You can use it
ANSWER: to avoid an imminent collision

People who attend to this personal manner while driving is a major reason for vehicle collisions
ANSWER: All answers are correct

The most common cause of a collision is _________
ANSWER: unsafe speed

This unsafe driving action contributes to a great deal of collisions
ANSWER: unsafe speed

Driving at________________ is a major contributor to collision
ANSWER: unsafe speeds

_____________ can be contributing factors that can cause collisions.
What can be contributing factors that cause collisions.
These two conditions are known as major contributors to traffic collisions
A.) Both Stress and Information Overload
B.) Both stress and defensive driving
C.) Both Information Overload and Scanning for hazards
D.) Both Information Overload and Awareness of surroundings

ANSWER: Both Stress and Information Overload
EXPLANATION: Studies conducted over the years that most of the collisions are in one way or the other caused by human errors. But sometimes, collision can be caused by indirect factors as well. Driver often neglects these factors and become responsible for collisions. Here is a note on such contribution factors. Information overload to understand how other factors can cause collisions you need to understand that human brain can process information at a limited rate, You throw too much at it and it will fall. That’s why if you have distractions like cell phones, complicated music players, or even an in fact in your vehicle, it becomes difficult to concentrate on the road. More than anything talking on cell phone can be a major contributor to collisions.

According to our text, another common injury in a collision is_________
This type of injury is known to occur during traffic collisions
ANSWER: a concussion

If you are the first one to witness a collision you should NOT:
It is advised that you do not do the following if you are the first one to witness an accident
ANSWER: call your immediate family members

According to our text, it is estimated that about ___-___% of all road collisions occur because of mechanical failures.
ANSWER: 12 - 13

This area at the rear of the vehicle is one of the most frequent causes of collisions that occur while a vehicle is backing up.
ANSWER: Blindspot

The help that is provided by this source reduces the chance of collisions of while you are backing up.
ANSWER: spotter

The __________ behind a vehicle is one of the most common causes of collisions while ____________.
A.) obstructed/ in reverse
B.) voild area / in reverse
C.) blind spot / backing up
D.) 25 feet / backing up
E.) blinded ares/ backing up
ANSWER: blind spot/backing up
EXPLANATION: The blind spot behind a vehicle is one of the most common causes of the collisions when you are backing up. A car can have a blind spot of about 10 feet behind it and a large truck can have a blind spot of up to 160 feet behind. This is why you should always remember that rear view mirrors may not always be able to provide the complete picture.

The blind spot behind a vehicle is one of the most common causes of collisions while backing up

As stated in our course text, the term _____ behind the vehicle is one of the most common causes of collision when backing up.
ANSWER: blindspot

When driving on snow covered roads, you should reduce your vehicles speed by ____________ to reduce the risk of collision.
When driving on snow covered roads reduce speed by

When you encounter an aggressive driver tailgating you, the first thing to do is ______
ANSWER: slow down or stop to the side if needed, allow them to pass you SAFELY

A reckless driving conviction goes on your __________ record
ANSWER: criminal

Approximately _____ % of the factors that lead to collisions are attributed to driver error.

At what time do the maximum number of collisions take place?
This time frame is when the majority of traffic accidents take place
ANSWER: between 3 p.m. to 9 p.m

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