★ Traffic School Defensive Driving Test Answers 6

Traffic Laws are in place to create _____
Traffic Laws help to support the following
ANSWER: common understanding of driving

This concept is behind the formation of the traffic rules we follow today
ANSWER: traffic engineering

Attaining this objective for drivers is one of major reasons for the existence of traffic laws
ANSWER: safety

The law in California requires that your vehicle be _________.
ANSWER: Insured 

You should always carry your ________________ when operating a vehicle.
ANSWER: driver's license

The traffic laws are usually written by the _________
Often, this governing body is behind the creation of traffic laws
ANSWER: State authorities, (The traffic laws are usually written by the California department of traffic safety)

The ___________ has/have been designed to keep a check on people with driving violations.

While driving in California important documents that should be available at hand are ___________, ___________, ___________.
A.) a valid credit card / vehicle registration / a note from the vehicles owner
B.) a driver's license, vehicle registration, liability insurance

ANSWER: a valid drivers license / vehicle registration / insurance liability documents

If you want to practice driving defensively, you MUST be alert to your ________________.
Being aware of this will help you to become a better defensive driver
ANSWER: surroundings

______________ refers to using techniques that aim at keeping you safe when conditions are not conducive to driving.
ANSWER: defensive driving

Unless you are operating the following vehicles, you cannot drive with earplugs in both ears
ANSWER: an emergency vehicle or a trash truck

One of the most careless things a person could do is to...
operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

_________ is/are NOT impacted by the consequences of DUI.
No one is unaffected by DUI.

A good way to fight the effects of fatigue is to...
split up long drives and rest between segments.

_____ is another basic maneuver that needs to be performed very _____
ANSWER: changing lanes / frequently

_________, _________ are driving maneuvers that are performed on a regular basis.
ANSWER: Changing lanes / frequently

Covering the brakes means taking your foot from the _________ and hovering it over the _______.
Covering the brakes means that you have your feet off the ________ and positioned to step on the ________ if need be
ANSWER: accelerator / brakes

Big rigs have a(n) ______________ blind spot.
ANSWER: very large

California law makes it mandatory that every vehicle (except a motorcycle) have 2 functional tail lamps that are visible ___________
California law makes it mandatory that every vehicle (except a motorcycle) have 2 functional tail lights:
ANSWER: from all distances within 1000 feet

The SR-____ certificate establishes your financial responsibility liability for damages

You must fulfill this requirement to attain your license after it has been suspended for a DUI conviction.
ANSWER: SR-22 certificate 

You can enter the bicycle lane once you are within a maximum of ____ feet of the turn
You can enter the bicycle lane once you are within ____ feet of the turn.

You should signal _________ to allow other drivers time to adjust before you turn. This requirement also needed to be performed before making a turn if your movement can be a hazard to another vehicle
ANSWER: from a minimum of 100 feet before you make a turn

Whenever the driver of a vehicle approaches an oncoming vehicle within__________ feet, he shall use a distribution of light or composite beam so aimed that the glaring rays are not projected into the other vehicle

According to california law leaving children ____ years of age or younger unattended in a vehicle is illegal.

It is illegal to leave a child six years of age or younger unattended in a motor vehicle
It is illegal to leave a child 6 years of age or younger unattended in a motor vehicle

You will be allowed to drive a low emission vehicle in ___________ ONLY when you have a decal from the ____ on your vehicle.
ANSWER: the carpool lane / DMV

Do NOT cross over double parallel solid lines to enter or exit any _____ lane except at a designated area.
ANSWER: carpool

Pedestrians always have the ______________ at crosswalks, which is a part of the road allocated for pedestrian traffic.
ANSWER: right-of-way

At crosswalks, Pedestrians have the right of way how often?

Drivers should always yield to pedestrians with....... item and the following travel companion.............
ANSWER: white cane/eye dogs

A person on foot, a skateboard, or roller skates is considered to be
ANSWER: Pedestrian

When you see the “walk” or green “walking person” means
ANSWER: it is legal and safe for pedestrians to walk or cross the road

Walking and jogging on .................. where pedestrians are not allowed can be.............. to pedestrians
ANSWER: freeways / dangerous

When attempting to make a lane change you should always make sure that the path is clear of ___________ ________________
ANSWER: obstacles / pedestrian

The ________________ helps drivers have much better control over the car as it prevents locking up of wheels and skidding of the vehicle.
ANSWER: anti-lock braking system (ABS) 

______________ is best described when there is a thin sheet of water between your tires and the road
ANSWER: hydroplaning

Loss of traction between the rear wheels and road surfaces like ice, sand, or gravel results in what is called ___________
ANSWER: fishtailing

The best term to describe when the rear wheels lose traction resulting in back and forth movement is ______
ANSWER: fishtailing

Which of the following is NOT considered proper tire maintenance?
A.) Check your tire pressure monthly B.) purchasing new tires. C.) Inspect tires regularly, D.) especially before long road trips
ANSWER: purchasing new tires

It is recommended that you change your oil every _____ miles.
ANSWER: 3,000 - 5,000

While driving in school zones or within 500 to 1000 feet of a school, you should maintain a speed limit of ______
ANSWER: 25 mph or less

According to our text, a _____ can be defined as a person on foot, or using some transportation.
ANSWER: pedestrian

As a pedestrian, you _____ always follow the traffic signals at the intersections before you cross.
ANSWER: must

Walking or jogging on _____ where pedestrians are not allowed can be very _____
ANSWER: freeways / dangerous

Vehicle operators should always yield to _____ with white canes or with Seeing Eye dogs as they _____ have the right of way.
ANSWER: pedestrians / always

Before initiating a lane change, you need to be sure there are no _____ , _____ , or other vehicles.
ANSWER: obstacles / pedestrians

To avoid having to take any sudden actions, make sure that you keep looking about _____ seconds or more.
You should scan___________ ahead to prevent having to make sudden actions
ANSWER: 10 - 15

The _____ should be followed if you are towing a trailer or other heavy load.
 You should adhere to this rule when towing trailers or heavy load
ANSWER: 4 second rule

You may pass another car if you are next to the broken yellow lines ? True or False?

Which of the following line(s) may be crossed to pass another vehicle?
ANSWER: a broken yellow

A Yellow Traffic Light means _____________, a _______ light is about to appear.
A yellow signal light means
ANSWER: Caution, Red ( Caution - The red signal is about to appear)

Giving a turn signal ___________ allows the vehicles behind to adjust their speed in time.
ANSWER: from a minimum of 100 feet before you make a turn

What three colors will you find on most traffic signals?
ANSWER: Red, Yellow, Green

Regarding a center turn lane there are two lines painted on both the sides of the lane, where the inner line is ________ and the outer line is ________.
ANSWER: broken / solid

A ___________ means STOP, then proceed ONLY if the path is clear and it is safe to do so
ANSWER: flashing red light

A GREEN LIGHT means ______ and proceed ahead ONLY when the intersection is clear of vehicles, pedestrians or bikers coming from another direction.
A green signal light means

Any sign with a RED circle and RED line across it means ___

A five sided yellow sign shaped like home plate for baseball with two people on it indicate that you are near a _______
ANSWER: school

The yield sign is a ____________
ANSWER: three sided red sign

A YIELD sign means...
ANSWER: slow down and be prepared to stop to surrender the right-of way.

White ______ signs with text or images are important rules you must obey
ANSWER: rectangular

Crosswalks are often marked with _________ lines. _________ lines may be painted at school crossings.
ANSWER: white/yellow

You MAY cross a solid line unless
ANSWER: You encounter oncoming traffic

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