★ Motorcyclists -Defensive Driving, Traffic School, Drivers Ed Test Answers

Question: When being passed by a motorcycle,________.
A.) speed up
B.) change lanes quickly
C.) brake quickly
D.) stay in your lane

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stay in your lane

Question: The highest death toll due to speeding is for drivers of:
A.) Bicycles
B.) Passenger
C.) Cars
D.) Motorcycles
E.) Trucks

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Question: Motorcyclists face unusual dangers because they:
A.) Are hard to see
B.) Require exceptional handling ability
C.) They do not face unusual danger.
D.) Both A and B

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Both A and B

Question: All the following statements are true regarding motorcycles EXCEPT
All of the following statements are correct regarding of the motorcycles, except:
A.) Motorcycles have the same right to use the road as automobiles
B.) Motorcycles are ideal to maneuver in traffic
C.) Motorcycles are much harder to see than larger passenger vehicles
D.) Motorcycle riders are NOT required by law to wear an approved helmet
E.) Though it is unsafe, it is legal for a motorcycle rider to drive between lanes

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Motorcycle riders are NOT required by law to wear an approved helmet

Question: When necessary to follow behind a motorcycle,
A.) keep a 4-second gap between you and the motorcycle
B.) use your high beam headlights to warn the motorcycle of your presence
C.) keep 2 car lengths between you and the motorcycle
D.) allow another vehicle to get between you and the motorcycle
E.) flash your headlamps to signal when you want to pass

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keep a 4-second gap between you and the motorcycle

Question: How much of a cushion should you allow between yourself and a motorcyclist?
A.) 200 feet
B.) 3 seconds
C.) 4 seconds
D.) 50 yards
E.) a car length

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4 seconds

Question: What kind of road conditions should you be aware of when driving near motorcycles?
A.) debris and/or gravel on the road
B.) grooved surfaces
C.) wet pavement
D.) A and B only
E.) all of the above

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all of the above

Question: It is ____________ for motorcyclists to ride more than two abreast in a lane.
A.) Legal
B.) Illegal
C.) Recommended
D.) Unconstitutional

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EXPLANATION: Not referenced in Administrative Code or Statutes

Question: In Texas, motorcyclists have ______________ rights to the road as cars.
A.) Different
B.) More
C.) The same
D.) Less

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The same

Question: According to Texas law, __________________ are entitled to the full use of a lane.
A.) Pedestrians
B.) Bicyclists
C.) Motorcyclists
D.) None of the above

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Question: Before turning in the city, what should you look for?
A.) other vehicles
B.) motorcyclists,
C.) bicyclists, and pedestrians
D.) All of the answers are correct

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All of the answers are correct

Question: Driving a moped or motorcycle could:
A.) be a legal way to drive on the sidewalk along with pedestrians
B.) result in a DUI if driven while intoxicated
C.) be a legal way to text on a cell phone while driving

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result in a DUI if driven while intoxicated

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