★ Work Zone Awareness Safety | Speeding in work zone

A practical way to avoid being involved in a work zone crash is to
➜ A practical way to avoid being involved in a work zone crash dmv
ANSWER: 1. As you approach the work zone, be prepared to slow down and pay attention. Follow safety rules
2. Stay Alert and Minimize Distractions, be prepared for slow traffic or stopped traffic
3. Plan your trip - know before you go. You may avoid travel delays if you choose an alternate route around work zone
4. Turn Your Headlights on, if road signs instruct you to do so.
5. Obey the Posted work zone Speed Limit. Pay attention to signs and obey Flaggers.
6. Double your following distance - Maintain a safe distance around your vehicle. Don't tailgate
7. Watch brake lights on vehicles ahead - The most common crash type in worj zones is the rear-end collisons
8. Keep moving at a safe speed as you drive through the work zone; dont slow or stop to watch roadwork.

A motorist should know that he/she is entering a work zone because of highways marked by cones, barrels, and signs where road construction is taking place.
EXPLANATION: Work zones are identified by warning signs one-half mile before the working area. Motorists may encounter a detour onto another roadway to bypass the work area. At the end of the work area, there will be an End Road Work sign or the last temporary traffic control device. so motorist can resume normal driving.

What is the penalty for violations committed in a construction zone?
ANSWER: Fines are doubled

If you are caught speeding in a construction zone you are fine could be
ANSWER: Fines are doubled in work zones

Which type of accident is the most common in work zones?
ANSWER: rear-end collisons

Crashes in work zones are most commonly the result of
ANSWER: Carelessness and speeding

When driving through a construction zone, you should
ANSWER: Reduce speed and proceed with caution, use extra precaution to protect yourself and construction workers.

If you do not see workers in a work zone,
ANSWER: slow down because lanes may be narrow or rough

What are drivers' responsibilities in a work zone?
ANSWER: Drive cautiously and courteously.

A speeding ticket received in a work zone is twice as expensive.
A speeding ticket in a work zone is twice as expensive

A traffic ticket for speeding in a work zone will result in
ANSWER: Three (3) points on your driving record, you will also be fined double, and driver's license suspension in certain violations.

Assaulting someone while you are under the influence of road rage is considered illegal.
Assaulting someone while you are under the influence of road rage is punishable as a crime.
Assaulting someone while you are under the influence of road rage is punishable.
EXPLANATION: Endangering other people on a highway while you are experiencing road rage is criminal offense. Who can become road raged? It could happen to anyone when our irritation or anger with others leads us to behavior that is a threat to ourselves and to the safety and lives of others on and near the road or highways. To endanger, threaten or assaulting someone under road rage is illegal. Road rage incidents can lead to imprisonment and fines and even court-ordered probation. Also Road rage incidents can lead to higher insurance rates. Drivers who commit road rage on another motor vehicle, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian are guilty of criminal assault and may receive an extended jail sentence. They can also mean revocation and suspension of a driver license.

The purpose of driving safety program is to increase road safety awareness by reducing traffic violations and to keep your auto insurance premiums low. Handle Speeding ticket, stop sign citation, lawyer for fighting traffic tickets & other violations.

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