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_____ is proof of financial responsibility.
A.) Automobile liability policy
B.) A deposit with the comptroller
C.) Both choices listed are correct

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Both choices listed are correct

In one-third of all crashes involving cars and motorcycles, the car driver says he simply did not ____ the motorcycle.
A.) See
B.) know
C.) hear the sound of

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All driving safety courses must be:
A.) 6 hours in length
B.) 5 hours in length
C.) 4 hours in length

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6 hours in length

If you do not wear your required glasses or corrective lenses while driving, you:
A.) Are more likely to have a crash
B.) May have your license suspended or revoked
C.) May be fined
D.) All choices listed are correct

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All choices listed are correct

You are more likely to have a crash, may have your license suspended or revoked, or you may be fined by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

You should contact_____ for information on where to get a tissue and donor card.
➜ To become a donor you should defensive driving
A.) The Federal Government
B.) Your physician
C.) Your Department of Public Safety

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Your Department of Public Safety

The number one factor in motor vehicle crashes is
A.) excessive
B.) speed
C.) tailgating

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Pedestrian fatalities have _______ over the past decade
A.) decreased
B.) increased
C.) remain the same

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remained the same

Your chances of dying in an alcohol-related crash are _____ as they are in a crash that doesn't involve an intoxicated driver.
A.) Ten times as great
B.) three times as great
C.) five times as great

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three times as great

Wheels in motion Defensive driving course modules section 1, section 2, section 3, section 4, section 5 to section 6 quiz answers

______ requires that hospitals offer tissue and organ donation as options to families that have lost a loved one.
ANSWER: State Law

In Texas, someone is killed in a motor vehicle accident every
ANSWER: 2 hours 29 minutes
EXPLANATION: Texas is first in the nation for number of traffic accident fatalities. There is a crash on Texas roads about once every 71 seconds. Someone dies in a Texas car accident approximately every 2.5 hours, and someone suffers a serious injury about every two minutes.

Automobile crashes directly affect:
ANSWER: Both friends, family, coworkers and auto insurance rates are affected

Which of the following will NOT help keep your emotions from taking over when driving?
ANSWER: Maintain eye contact with aggressive drivers

All drivers must yield the right-of-way:
ANSWER: To any police car, Fire engines and/or ambulances and any emergency vehicle, which is using its siren, bells or flashing lights

One of the animations urges drivers who have been drinking to
ANSWER: Use a designated driver

To assure the safety of pedestrians, where should you glance last before initiating a right turn?
ANSWER: Right, to make sure no pedestrian has stepped off the curb

Which of these factors is NOT one of the major causes of traffic collisions in Texas?
➜ Which of these factors is not one of the major causes of fatal traffic collisions in texas
ANSWER: Mechanical Failure

In Texas, in 2009, 56% of all fatal accidents occurred in
ANSWER: Rural Areas

Driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to drive in single lane, failure to control speed, traveling under speed limit and _____ are the five leading causes of death on Texas roadways.
➜ The top five contributing risk factors to fatal crashes in Texas are: speeding, driving under the influence, failure to control speed, failure to drive in a single lane, and ___________.
ANSWER: Driver Inattention

Which of the following is not one of the leading causes of death on texas roadways
➜ Which of the following is NOT one of the five leading causes of collision deaths in Texas?
ANSWER: Backing into traffic

Which of the following is NOT one of the top 5 causes of all crashes in Texas?
ANSWER: Driving with lights on

By one estimate, a typical driver will break one or another traffic law about _____ before he or she ever gets caught
ANSWER: 400 times

Nationwide in 2010, 31% of all traffic fatalities could be attributed to
ANSWER: Driving while intoxicated

How many crashes that occur every year can be avoided?
ANSWER: Almost all

Officer Phil Konstantin tells the story of which of the following?
ANSWER: His wife's wreck

Which of the following groups of drivers are involved in more crashes?
ANSWER: Younger drivers

As Officer Konstantin explains, when driving at 60 mph, in four seconds, you've traveled:
➜ As Officer Konstantin explains, when driving at 60 mph, in four seconds, you traveled:
ANSWER: more than the length of a football field

Who was found responsible for the car crash in Mark Woods' story?
ANSWER: both drivers

Robyn's husband, Officer Phil Konstantin, does NOT believe that fatigue:
ANSWER: only happens to bad or inexperienced drivers

What distance is required for a train to stop when traveling 50 miles per hour?
ANSWER: one and a half miles

Which of the following senses is NOT used when driving:
ANSWER: taste

What is always taking place when driving?
ANSWER: Laws of nature

Anyone that is required to wear corrective lenses while driving, and is caught NOT wearing them, may:
ANSWER: Both be fined and have their license suspended

The cost to society of speeding related crashes is estimated to be ____ per year.
ANS: Billions of dollars

_____ of flood related deaths occur in vehicles
ANSWER: 60-70%

Approximately _____ of all motorcycle crashes occur when the other vehicle was turning left.

In a collision, if you are going to hit the side of another car you should aim for:
ANSWER: front or the rear wheel/axle area

Approximately 33,000 people die _____ on the roads of the United States.
A.) daily
B.) weekly
C.) monthly
D.) Annually

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In 2009, approximately 2.2 million people were ___ on the roadways of the United States.
A.) killed
B.) Injured

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The economic cost of motor vehicle crashes in the United States is estimated at $_______ billion annually.
A.) 50
B.) 75
C.) 150.5
D.) 230.6

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Traffic crashes kill approximately _____ people a year in the United States.
A.) 1,000
B.) 40,000
C.) 100,000

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Approximately _____ of all traffic deaths occur within 25 miles of the home.
A.) 10%
B.) 75%
C.) 100%

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What percentage of all traffic deaths occur in cars traveling less than 60 mph?
A.) 20%
B.) 30%
C.) 75%

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Unexpected _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ can lead to more aggressive behavior behind the wheel?
A.) traffic laws
B.) traffic congestion

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traffic congestion