★ Rural Driving Risk Environment -Defensive Driving, Traffic, Drivers Ed Test Answers

Which of the following is not a likely risk from driving in rural areas?
A.) Distracting billboards
B.) Unpaved, poorly maintained roads
C.) Wildlife or livestock crossing roads
D.) Poorly lit roads at night

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Distracting billboards

You may encounter _____ in rural areas at a higher rate than urban areas.
A.) drunk pedestrians
B.) wildlife or livestock
C.) commercial vehicles
D.) medical transport

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wildlife or livestock

Use your _____ on poorly lit or rural roads.
A.) horn
B.) fog lights
C.) high beams
D.) hazard lights

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high beams

Use your high beams on poorly lit or rural roads, but be sure to switch to low-beam headlights when you see an approaching car.

Rural roads are _______ at night.
A.) brightly lit
B.) poorly lit
C.) always unlit
D.) much safer

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poorly lit

Rural areas are _____ with long stretches of roads.
A.) densely populated
B.) sparsely populated
C.) free of law enforcement
D.) busy places

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sparsely populated

Roads in rural areas are _______.
A.) not always well maintained
B.) always well maintained
C.) only maintained if they lead to cities
D.) only maintained if they lead to another state

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not always well maintained

Roads in rural areas are _____.
A.) Not always paved
B.) always paved
C.) only paved in richer areas
D.) only paved if they lead to cities.

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Not always paved

Rural areas have _____ of development.
A.) heavy signs
B.) no signs
C.) one type
D.) different types

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different types

Gas, food, and lodging are _____ in rural areas.
A.) easily accessible
B.) always separated
C.) found everywhere
D.) less accessible

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less accessible

In rural areas, be aware of sudden hazards, particularly near _____.
A.) wide turns or working farms
B.) tight turns or working farms
C.) long stretches of open road
D.) abandoned farms

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tight turns or working farms

At night in rural areas that have fewer or non-existent street lights, you should _____.
A.) use your headlights so you can see
B.) honk your horn so others can hear
C.) drive with your hazard lights on
D.) only use right turns to avoid collisions

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use your headlights so you can see

To help you manage visibility on rural roads, you should drive with high beams on

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