Defensive Driving Questions and Answers

Question : On an annual basis, animal-vehicle collisions cause about __________ worth of damage.
Answer : $1 billion

Question : One of the most important things you should do before you leave the lot with a rental car is __________.
Answer : Check the location and condition of the spare tire

Question : Large space margins on the roadway provide __________.
Answer : The visibility, time and distance you need to avoid collisions

Question : If parts are replaced when you have work done on your vehicle, __________.
Answer : Request the replaced parts be returned to you when you pick up your vehicle

Question : Urban driving often involves limited __________ which often obstructs advance warning of traffic obstacles.
Answer : Visibility

Question : According to the NHTSA, the combination of __________ and __________ reduce the risk of serious crash-related head injury by 83 percent.
Answer : Front air bags, seat belts

Question : There have been improvements to ABS including __________.
Answer : An emergency assist feature

Question : If your brakes fail, one of the first things to do is __________.
Answer : Pump the brake pedal

Question : Before entering an intersection, the safest searching process is to search __________.
Answer : Left, center, right, then left again

Question : Motorcycles are extremely hard to see if they are __________.
Answer : Approaching from the side

Question : As you approach a steep uphill grade in the mountains, __________.
Answer : Shift to a lower gear

Question : Most hazards or obstacles will be detected __________ of your vehicle.
Answer : In front

Question : If you are in an emergency and there is no space to the side to steer out of the way of a crash, __________.
Answer : Use controlled braking

Question : Traffic laws are in place to create/________.
Answer : Regulate the flow of traffic

Question : Locked doors are less likely to open in a crash, __________.
Answer : Decreasing the chance of the occupants being ejected

Texas Defensive Driving Safety Course Test, Quiz - Unit 1 Answers

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